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Caring for your Crumb & Bone Pendant or Keychain

Crumb & Bone pendants and keychains are pretty sturdy, and there's only one thing to remember that will keep them, and you, happy for a long, long time...

Crumb & Bone Product CareDon't get them wet.

The sealant I use is non-toxic and acid free but it's not waterproof. They'll be okay if they get splashed, just dry them off as soon as possible. But, wearing your pendant while showering, deep sea diving or swimming the English Channel is not recommended.

And then there's the obvious -- don't run them over with your car or place on the railroad tracks, don't smack them with a rock or inflict similar damage.

Clean the glass tile with a soft, dry cloth. You can also use a pre-packaged eyeglass cleaning towelette. If you want to use glass cleaner, spray a few drops on a paper towel and wipe the glass with it.

Crumb & Bone Round Copper PendantThe metal pendant setting is also fairly sturdy, as are the various chains and keychain split rings and swivel hooks. Use a soft, dry cloth for cleaning those as well.
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If you accidentally damage your keychain, pendant or magnet, just contact me using the orangeĀ Contact Us tab at the bottom of this window, via Twitter or my Facebook page -- send me a photo of what happened and I'll replace it for 25% off the original price plus shipping.

That's it!

Please contact me with any questions not covered here.